Omer Ziman Chinese Medicine

Dipl.C.M (I.A.TCM). KT Therapist

My name is Omer Ziman, a Chinese medicine practitioner since 2013.

 I have graduated a 4 year program of traditional Chinese medicine in "Reidman" college of complementary medicine and have been in clinical internship program in "Zhe Jiang provincial hospital of TCM", Hangzhou, china.

Today I treat many kinds of problems but specialize in the field of pain and orthopedic problems in a private clinic in Ra'anana.
I also work in "Clalit complementary medicine" as a tuina therapist.

In my clinic I practice different styles of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, tuina (Chinese physiotherapy) and Kinesio taping.

Some of the cases I see every day are: back and neck pains, bulging or herniated discs with or without radiation to the limbs, shoulder problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee and ankle pains and many more. 

For more information please call or text 050-3787775